Thursday, 15 August 2013

What A Hug

A hug, give us the opportunity to feel our partner's body and identify with. There is an a vibration that makes our souls connected with her soul. Hugging can also foster a sense of love and reminds us saying if we are part of a couple, not the one who became friends to 'sleep together' or having fun only.
Romantic Hug
Because of that, we tried to give an affectionately hug . There are various arms of loving thing we can do, start from the light hug, to the 'sexual' hug.
There are several types of hugs:

- SMALL HUGS : This is the arms that we can give to simply say goodbye, for the success of our partners. It is usually done quickly without any effort at all.

- TIGHT HUGS : it is the arms that we can do at the time one of 'us' being happy. Or it could also be done when the desire for 'we' being the passionate. Usually these arms slightly longer time to power strong enough. (Example: when 'we' reach climax / 'exit')

- Hugs WITH CARESS : Hugging is usually given to someone who was gusr or sad. (example: when out lied). Fondling or rubbing dipunggungbertujuan to calm, so that they can more relaxed again.

- Hugs WITH PENETRATION : This course is very fun to do. To do this, 'we' could be in a position to sit or stand, while the couple took a position in front of us. While penetration, wrapping our hands on his shoulders, while our partner put his hands above our waist.

- Hugs TOTAL: It almost looks like a position side by side, but carried out with each other. In this position, 'we' both hugged each other until our hands and feet crossed each other one another.

Who wants to try?

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