Thursday, 15 October 2009

What G-Spot Is ?

G-Spot or The Gräfenberg Spot is a small area on the vulva area, located behind the pubic bone and surrounding the urethra about 2-3 inches inside the vagina.
It is called by the name of a German obstetrician, Ernst Grafenberg.
This zona could be trusted as a file area surrounding the nerves of the vaginal wall, but is now reported that this point is part of the spongy urethra, Skene's glands near the homologue of the prostate in men.
This point is also located in the ventral from the vagina, in the middle distance between the pubic bone and cervix.
When this point is turned, then arises a sense of taste sensation like urinating, but if the point is to work during sex, it becomes a sense of sexual pleasure
(Shibley Hyde, J. and DeLamater, JD, Understanding Human Sexuality, Eighth Edition (2003)) .
For some women, this point can be a major stimulation to orgasm during sex, so for the men who want to satisfy their spouses, they should explore this area gently and see the result.

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