Monday, 12 October 2009

4 Nice Sex Steps With Your Spouse

There are many ways to get a good sexual experience with your spouse, and all can get if the couple is in sense of love, mutual trust and openness to what they wanted.
Sex Therapists from London, Georgia Foster and Beverley Anne Foster recommend ways of removing sexual impasse may have experienced.

Georgia says "Focus on the mind as well as focus on the body that we have today. To get great experience, the mind determines everything. "Because of that, follow these four guidelines:

The first secret to maintaining sexual desire is to seduce your partner. Many women and men also need to be seduced or been seduced to feel sexy. First of all we need to create that passion in mind. Do not think that the flame of passion that comes from other people. To appear in your own mind. It's your responsibility. Do not expect or wait for your spouse.

The second secret associated with a sixth sense. Relax and make yourself vulnerable. Absorb the energy that exists between you and your partner. Focus on what's around; smell, touch, sound and Taste! Without this sixth sense the sex would be boring.

3. Surrender
The third secret is when you give up and surrender to the couple and begin to having sex. Of course you have to pass the first and second secret, so that the mind and a sense of your feelings will be on at the time. You need to connect with your couple.

When you feel comfortable and experience the extraordinary experiences through the three stages of this secret, try to reflect again on it. If the experience was bad, try to avoid it next time and find the better alternatives.


  1. Thanks for your steps, I find it very useful not just mine but also to other couples who has little problems in their sex life. You know what, being active is also best, you cannot do sex without an active libido in your life, so to commit the satisfying sex with your partner you must be ready and totally active.

  2. good advice and very useful.. thank you !!!


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