Monday, 12 October 2009

The Tao's Joyful Love Methods
Sigmund Freud, the Psychoanalysis, says that almost all mental illnesses people suffered because of his sexual needs are not met.

Every man has a spear, the spear either long, short, small or large, straight or crooked. This spear is not owned by women, and this add to Freud made women into penis envy (envy with men's spear ).
But many of the spear that is not qualified to be able to do their job well and correctly.
So it's not unusual when each drug advertising can improve the ability of vital equipment is always in demand and men hunted.
In the science of Tao's Sex, the men do not need to take stimulants or powerful drugs as often advertised,
doing sex four to five hours is not a fantasy or a dream anymore and this is not only twice a week if necessary, every day is always ready to fight.

The word sex is absorbed from the Latin Sexus. Each person has the different aspects to evaluate and look at the point of sex, depending on the characteristics and the relevant understanding.
Often translated into English Idioms with the words "Make Love". . A word is quite beautiful, although in practice it did not fit with the words "make love" it, because it is done merely for the gratification or show of the might.

The word intercourse is the best word to describes Taoism Yin and Yang become one in harmony,while we have sex to unite with our spouses. So sex and meditation has a lot of similarity. At the time of sex will culminate is where we feel the unity in which two bodies into one body, and this is a dream for every couple.
Failures and disappointments in matters of sex going on, because they never could feel this togetherness. They never can feel where the bodies and their hearts become one. This is what makes our spouses become disappointed and frustrated, which is supported also by the extent of the weakness factor of male erectile capability.
It is said that according to the physician Sun Simiao : "The man who could intercourse with 93 women without even throwing out his lava (ejaculation), he will be 10 thousand years of life (means long life)." Why is that?

What happened after the man thrown his sperm?He will feel into tired , because his energy drained, it is no surprise after climax point, most men feel lazy to talk with his spouse and soon asleep. Unlike with women, he felt so fresh and wanted to talk to, as well as freshly watered plants. This is one of the differences between men and women.

It is also likely to make most of the wife so upset to the husband , because he felt treated like a dirty pot, just putted away after use. After ejaculation, the man's spear was bent and could not be used again, the fire was extinguished.

The essence of the teachings of the Tao is the style sex Orgasm without ejaculation during intercourse. Semen can be equated with the blood, not nice if people donate their blood every day. Besides, to restore it again takes time. Unlike the woman he receives the semen of men, so naturally when she became more and more fresh.

Well, it is believe that there will be many protests from men, because since we were young, we were taught if we get the climax of sexual intercourse, our sperm would spray out. Means that Orgasm without ejaculation was a big nonsense!

Remember our goal of sexual intercourse is for health and pleasure therefore that according to Sun Simao, when a man ejaculates, he is murdered by his wife, the fire had been extinguished, petite mort (little death).

Similarly, eat dinner destination is not merely to be satisfied, but to enjoy the food they will, people who can stop before satiety is a person who can live healthy. So also in the matter of sex.

Does this means we can not ejaculate anymore?Yes we can ! Ejaculation be required for fertilization, but try not to ejaculated so often, have sexual intercourse in other days as much as and as long as possible. Remember you will be able to beat ten battles in one night for not running out of bullets and during the fire is still burning and the spear will not crooked.

Think about it by you, without spewing his lava, he will always be ready to fight, because the weapon was still intact and the bullet is still complete. So if your wife asking to reply times and times in a day and night, you can always be ready, even if she asking for seven days in a week - there is no problem to you.

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