Saturday, 17 October 2009

How To Seduce Your Husband

Sexuality experts found a number of techniques the woman's need to now how to satisfy her male partner in terms of sex. Some of the techniques are in a way that we never thought before as a playing toes or with words flattery.
Sarah Hedley, sexuality expert and editor of the American men's magazine, Maxim, describes six tricks for a woman to be able to satisfy her male partner in sex, namely:
1. During intercourse the woman can try the little tricks of grabbed and squeezed the toes of her male partner while pulling gently. This technique is based on the findings that the bones of his toes "associated" with the genital. A touch or additional stimulus that the course will bring pleasure.
2. Giving encouragement with words. For that she should not feel ashamed or hesitant to use words so that her partner can imagine the "wildness" of a sexual fantasy.
3.Say the flattering words . Most men will "work" better when his ego up. Men also love if his spouses flattering his manhood. For example stimulated with his chest or solidity of his body. Because of that, let's say without hesitation all the tributes to the man of your partner, because it will be a burning passion.
4. The longer a man is stimulated the higher levels of orgasm. In order to achieve the highest possible level, keep warm-up period as long as possible. If necessary, do not give your spouse the opportunity in a hurry to penetrate. Stalling in this case it is very good for both parties.
5. Intercourse with a position to do that can make the hips could be higher. This position can provide benefits for men because they do not have much to strut for himself. Another thing, the same position would make his arms free to give a caress or a stimulus to the female partner's body parts.
6. Women need to make sure that she is a "sex goddess" for his partner. Women will also be able to enjoy the "wildness" partner and get ready to get wild techniques that emerged from the fantasy, as quoted from the book "Tips & Tricks Achieving Sex Pleasure", by Riri & Yoez
(Compiled from various sources)

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