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An Art Of Love : Tantric Sex

Sex is a very complex problem, because this is about the relationship between 2 different sex opponents (in a normal cause). Sometimes one or both parties feel the boredom in sex or confused in terms of position or what style will be used to satisfy their partner. Here's one technique that good enough when compared with the techniques of the other sex.

Tantric sex was created in ancient India about 6000 years ago. In Sanskrit, tantra or tantric means to develop, expand, explain, or show. Such as yoga or zen, tantric sex done with the aim of enlightenment, and this philosophy has been exceeded "bed matters" became to all aspects of our lives. In view of tantric sex, sex, and orgasms with spiritual awareness. When the energy of a man (called shiva) and female energy (shakti) united sexually, it is believed to be the highest point of enlightenment.

Key in tantric sex is to breathe. If you can make your body relax, and your mind free from worldly things, "goddess" in you will actually attend. With a breath, we can spread the orgasmic energy from the genitals to the entire body. This sensation can lead to a deeper connection and intimacy with a partner.
Therefore, wrong if you think that the goal of Tantra is to achieve a great orgasm. The essence of Tantra is to enter into the moment and enjoy the waves of sensation and build passion between you and your partner. If you only focus on the achievement of orgasm in the top, you will lose a variety of orgasmic pleasure that occurs in the body.
Relation to sex, tantric sex is a way to develop awareness and strengthen male and female in one harmonious whole. Tantra teaches how sacred love can be achieved through loving relationships and understand the condition of their partners.
To try it, Dawn Cartwright, SkyDancing Tantra instructor in Los Angeles, gives instructions for exercises that can be done alone.
Create a sacred place for sex. Change the atmosphere of your room, by placing a vase of flowers, aromatherapy oils, scented candles, fruit, and chocolate. Place the sheets, pajamas, or a dress with sensual materials, like silk.
Move your body and your favorite music Connect, and stand with your feet spread hip-width apart. Make your body relax, and breathe through the mouth so that your breath creeping toward the navel. Move your whole body, from legs, head, buttocks, for one minute. Lay, and then invite the couple to enter into the room. "You have opened all over the body of this tension, and increased sensitivity, allowing the pleasure to go," said Cartwright. "If you have sex after that, you have the opportunity to have an orgasm in your whole body."
Breathe and rock. Sit on the bed or on the floor, and facing the couple (put your foot on his lap). Start with closed eyes, and use your imagination to feel your breath moving in and out of the body. Allow your breath to pass about 8 inches below the navel. Begin to swing like I was sitting in a rocking chair, lean your chest forward as you breathe, and move back as you exhale. Then, when you inhale and swing forward, tighten the vaginal muscles; then release as you exhale and swing back.
"You may begin to feel sexual sensations," said Cartwright. Couples gaze as he continued to breathe, swing and tap along. "Extraordinary connection that you feel will bounce your mind. You are in the same condition, and more sensitive to each other."
Share tantric kiss
Continue to remain seated in his lap, and swing together. You inhale, as he threw his breath. As he breathed out, you will inhale partner into your body, and down to the sexual organs you. When you exhale, be aware that you have shared all of you with spouse. Kiss him, and sharing of breath. In this stage, intercourse is not even necessary because you are so merged into the self-pairs. That means you have take in Tantra, which is more major in desire and pleasure dive. If you feel this sensation, then you have successfully done.
When doing tantric sex, you both can make sense so special. The reason is, you both will not only achieve orgasm, but also improve sexual health. Besides being busy, feeling reluctant to become hyper sexual intercourse why someone can not satisfy their partner.
This is the main focus of tantric sex that teaches that sex is not just a physical union between a man and a woman, but also makes couples appreciate each other's body, passions, and strengths that each of you closer with your partner without shame or fear.
On the other hand, you and your sexual health will be a prime partner for a strong orgasm and often increase the production of the hormone oxytocin in the body. This hormone itself associated with personality, passion, social skills and emotional quotient (EQ), which then affect the career, views on marriage, social life, and emotional person.
If you want to know more about tantric sex, here are some facts that were presented by AskMen:

Tantra is the sexual freedom
Tantra covers aspects of mental, emotional, and cultural conditions, so by doing this action can liberate your energy. Tantra not only build awareness, but rather liberal.
Tantric sex makes the event feel more free, but not embarrassing. Tantra is performed intercourse without a sense of sin, even if done outside of marriage, by any cultural concerns and beliefs of each individual.

Tantra unites two beings </ b>
The essence of tantra is to strengthen the relationship of two beings in a harmonious whole. Tantra teaches how sacred love can be achieved through loving relationships. In tantra, sex can be done in total.
The fundamental difference between sexual relations with other styles and tantric sex this is done from the heart and body, and mind. Tantra teaches you how to receive a great battle scene.

(Source: Marie Claire as well as some other references about tantric)

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