Monday, 12 October 2009

Clitoris Exploration to Speed Female Orgasm

ORGASM </ b> is a final destination in an intimate relationship between husband and wife. For that, you are required to be tough males on the bed. Can serve and give your partner satisfaction during sexual intercourse .Miss V and clitoris are the crown of women, these two sensitive areas should consider to make a great aroused of your partner.
With diligent "play" in this area, you'll be more adept in love and became a idol husband by the your wife .Even women can achieve orgasm many times in a one-time "battle", but to reach orgasm is not easy. Necessary techniques and know-how on all sides in her, both physically and psychologically. Orgasm in women is a fusion of pleasure that is felt through to the climax.
clitoris </ b> is one of the most sensitive point of a woman who if "explore" the right way will undoubtedly immediately lit lust.

Forms </ b>
The clitoris consists of a circular area or head, called the glans, and a longer part, called stems, which have shapes similar to the basin that belongs to the penis. Tissue from the inner lips normally covers the clitoris stem, which form a hood or foreskin to protect it. The only part of the clitoris which can be seen directly is the glans, which looks like small buttons shining. Size and shape vary in every woman. The clitoris can be seen by pushing the skin covering the clitoris to the rear. There are so many nerve endings in the clitoris and the surrounding areas.

Function </ b>
The number of nerve endings in the clitoris caused it to be very sensitive to touch or pressure directly or indirectly. This is similar to the penis in men. Stimulation on the clitoris can be enjoyable, even giving the owner of sexual pleasure is the only function of this organ is unknown, and the clitoris is the only human organ that has the pleasure-giving as the main function. The clitoris has nothing to do with pregnancy, menstruation, or urine

clitoris stimulated Process</ b>
When a woman becomes sexually aroused, the glans clitoris and bars fill with blood and its size enlarged. These glands can double the size in diameter. There is no evidence that a larger clitoris means higher sexual arousal. As erotic stimulation continues and orgasm to come, the clitoris becomes less visible because the network covered by the enlarged clitoral hood. Enlargement is designed to protect the clitoris from direct contact, which, for some women, may interfere rather than make a joyful. The clitoris will come out again when the stimulation is stopped.
After orgasm the clitoris back to the original size within ten minutes because orgasm causes the dissolution of the accumulated blood. If a woman does not have an orgasm, the blood that has flowed into the clitoris due to sexual arousal may remain there, causing enlarged clitoris remains for several hours. Many women who feel this discomfort.
A woman's clitoris can be stimulated through touch, directly or indirectly. During intercourse the penis does not touch the clitoris directly. The entry of the penis into the vagina, any position which is used, move the labia minora, and the movement of the lips that touch the clitoris is that usually causes orgasm. Direct contact by touching the clitoris with a finger, vibrator, or the tongue can cause discomfort for many women. For these women, persuasion or flattery used in the area around the clitoris feels more enjoyable. Other women enjoy direct stimulation. There are countless variations on the sensitivity of the clitoris, and every woman will find what feels best "Giving an appeal to the area of the clitoris and G-spot women, is a unique combination of sensation can be felt women. They can obtain sexual pleasure and exceptional durability, "explains Ava Cadell, PhD, sex therapist in Los Angeles, told the clitoris area Cosmopolitan.Orgasme trusted faster, because you can do with ease through the lips, hands, or directly with Mr. P! Before that, make sure the media to touch a woman's clitoris to the wet conditions, so as not to hurt your partner, because the clitoris is very soft skin and sensitive, do it gently and with care, love hatian.Carilah a comfortable position before you begin to stimulate this area. The touch, even a gentle kiss, and "games" of your tongue on her clitoris can make a pair great scream, and will bring a high flying and make it not stand to continue the level of play is higher. And which should be noted, in addition to touching on the clitoris or the techniques of other stimuli, comfortable feeling of a woman against her partner plays a major role in determining satisfaction, a quality intimate relationships must also be supported by tenderness, attention and affection from both sides

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